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The Open Run Foundation is created for and by young people and focuses on the development of skills and talents in the field of outdoor recreation and interaction. The purpose is to make youth self-reliant in the current society. This all educated and supported by peers.

The Open Run events were officially launched in 2002 and from that moment a concept in the Dutch Basketball world. A day of basketball where everyone can show what he or she is worth. Characteristic of the Open Run is the variety of participants, aged U11 fanatic boys and girls to men and women aged 37 to 50 who have a lot of love and interest in basketball. In recent years we took refuge in various gyms as the enthusiasm grew enormously. Better locations, more fields, but it was the typical Open Run mentality and ambiance that kept players enthousiastic, The Open Run organization has many years of experience with tournaments, clinics, activities, shows and sports projects, has met many young athletes in this scene, creating a strong following basketball scene. The organization also has an ear for these young people and therefore has responded to the needs such as:

*play a lot




and representing yourself in a fun atmosphere. An atmosphere where everyone is respected for her or his talents or lack thereof. It’s about the common love for the sport.

Through the years it has become clear that there is a growing enthusiasm for the Open Run events. We are active in other cities in collaboration with organizations and young people. With minimal resources we make each year a success, bequeathed what is possible with more resources.

In today’s competitive world of sports sponsorship is not hard to imagine. Whether seniors, juniors or ladies. From the moment we qualitative demand sports performance and developments, you should hear a social framework. For an organization to grow and to achieve the objectives it wants to achieve, sponsoring becomes an indispensable tool for organizations.

To achieve the above, we are looking for partners. The Open Run Foundation tries to think in win|win situations.For us it is therefore very important that you benefit from our cooperation. When you want to collaborate in our initiative, we would like to build on the opportunities that you see.

A contribution does not only benefit financially, but also in the area of partnerships or through donations such as equipment and/or merchandise.


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