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Updated: May 28, 2019

3X3 Elite is an initiative created by Open Run Streetball with the aim of contributing to 3X3 talent development. In 2018 the project started with the U23 youth with the aim of getting them ready and competing with the seniors. This year the project will be a focus point for the U15 youth. These are being prepared to be able to measure with the U18 category at the end of the summer. "With this project we focus on the total package that a player owns but is not optimally utilized" 15 talents will follow the program this summer. This is not about sport-related issues, but the preconditions for being able to perform and develop even better. The program offers guidance and tools for those areas that young talents need.

These are the themes: sport, culture, development. This concerns questions such as: *How do I get the most out of my performance?

*How do I deal with streetball culture?

*How do I handle pressure?

*How do I deal with structure?

*How do I present myself as an athlete?

*How do I represent my sport?

What is central to these sports talents is to create a good balance so that they can develop in a targeted manner, perform optimally and be mentally prepared.

For more information, visit Open Run Streetball expects to successfully continue the development of basketball talents in the Netherlands with this 3X3 initiative.

For any questions you can contact:

Jerswin de Windt | 3X3 Elite coach | 06-34039339

Errol Anthony | 3X3 Elite Team Manager | 06-13233298

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